Varnitsa in English


The History Students of the University of Eastern Finland

Varnitsa is an association for history students at the University of Eastern Finland Joensuu campus. The organization itself has quite a long history as it was founded in 1970. Practically all history students in Joensuu are more or less active members of Varnitsa. Anybody can join Varnitsa. We are more than happy to take new members in our organization but there is a little catch. Varnitsa wants to offer its members many activities but this is not always a cheap thing to do. So by paying 20 euros you get a life-long membership and you can start to enjoy the fun that it brings along. If you do not wish to pay the membership fee you are still welcomed to take part in our activities and have a good time with us!

Varnitsa is one of the most active student associations at the University of Eastern Finland Joensuu campus. We arrange all kinds of activities through the year and offer students many chances to collect those wonderful university memories. Like every good student organization, Varnitsa likes to party and arrange a lot of opportunities to do so. Varnitsa also arranges trips and excursions both in Finland and abroad. We have our own magazine called Varnitsa, which is guaranteed to cause confusion and bring up lots of laughs. Varnitsa has something for everyone. We can be seen and heard in campus and off campus area. Want to know more about us? There are several ways to contact Varnitsa. You can contact our association’s officers by e-mail either individually (addresses can be found on our web site) or through our mailing list at varnitsary (at)


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